The cost of food security


By Erin DeBooy


The campaign promises are starting to roll out in Winnipeg, but one of the most important issues for northern communities in Manitoba has yet to be voiced loud and clear.

“We need to address the issue of healthy food in northern communities,” said Stefan Epp-Koop, acting executive director of Food Matters Manitoba. “We welcome any promises or action to make healthy foods more accessible.”

So far, the NDP  have promised to ramp up strategic investments in Northern food security initiatives, according to their website, doubling funds for community gardens, greenhouses, and culinary programs that help families access healthy foods.

The Liberals have also addressed food security, pledging $25 million to a program that will provide subsidies for healthy food options and will also provide education and support for healthy eating.

The PC’s have not yet announced a platform on the issue, but Epp-Koop said he has talked to members of the PC party and is sure there will be something announced soon.

“We are encouraging all candidates in the election to discuss the topic, I’m sure there’s more to come,” said Epp-Koop. “If we take action on healthy food in northern communities, we will all benefit.”


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