Election debate sparks contrasting social media strategies

4 leaders Twitter

By Scott Billeck

One local social media strategist says resources, focus and followers can make a big impact on how a political party interacts through social media such as Twitter.

Susie Erjavec Parker, who owns Sparker Strategy Group in Winnipeg, says the differences between how each political party Twitter complimented the leaders’ debate on Monday morning can come down to a dedicated person running social media. But she also says it can come down to the strategy each party chooses to employ.

Each of the big three provincial political parties – Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party and Manitoba Liberals – used Twitter as their primary social media to compliment Monday’s debate, but that commonality was brief and it’s in the strategy of usage where they differed.

A total of a combined 54 tweets were sent out during the debate as their leaders fielded questions on local radio station 680 CJOB.

The NDP led the way with 25 total tweets, following closely by the PCs with 23. The Liberals, who did not tweet from their main account, electing to tweet from leader Rana Bokhari’s, lagged behind with six.

The PCs used 21 pictures to accompany their tweets while the Liberals used four. The NDP did not tweet out a picture.

Parker said the use of pictures can lead to a big benefit in user interaction.


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